by gavrusik

How I wish there was a bar that every author had to hurdle before self-publishing. I’m not talking about elitism, or even a coherent story, I am talking about basic writing standards – spelling and grammar.


I feel the urge to shame those who’ve written an unedited novel, had a great cover done and then proceed to spam social media, knowing that slick marketing will always lead to a few sales… The same people seem to have a preloaded set of 5* reviews to mislead the public too… – That angers me more than you could know.


For five years, I’ve written every day. – You’ll not find my novels on Amazon, as I recognised the few I’ve completed were not good enough. It would have been so easy to click a button, set a price and feel my ego soar as I announced, in my best Thespian voice, “I am an author.”


But I’ve more pride than ego, and I had more patience than talent  -perhaps still do. – Over a million words I’ve written will never be seen by anyone other than my beta readers. – They were not good enough!


I follow a few writers on Twitter, some of whom advertise their work, and care deeply about standards.  – These I feel comfortable in naming: – @careypridgeon @njcrosskey @pottywhite and @Deinafurth are all authors who put immense effort into their prose. It shows.


What I am going to do in future, when I read unedited vomit, is start shaming those who are damaging the reputation of the entire industry, and I hope others will do the same.