An outpouring

by gavrusik

It felt like any other day when I sat down to write. Perhaps my fingers danced with a little more freedom than of recent, but that’s just a retrospective observation. 


So where the hell did the monstrous word count come from? 4,400 is likely the highest single day count I’ve ever had. – And they weren’t gibbersome and inane… Well, so says the guy who wrote them.


Some time in the next two week, ‘In Search of Hell’ will be finished. It’ll weigh around 70,000 words, and will represent the very best I can write… As was suggested, I need more beta readers… I’ve a few, but I need more.  -I want to leap up and down and say ‘it’s a great story, please read it’ but every writer feels that way about their words, be it puke or masterpiece.


Oh Hell, who cares… It’s a great story, please read it… Oh dear, what’s that acrid smell? :/